Academy Awards

All the Glitz & Glam of Hollywood – Event Dimensions Night at the Academy Awards!!

A Night at the Academy Awards……

Be a star this year as you party the night away in true Hollywood style. Dress as your favorite star and mingle backstage with all the greats – James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and many more!

Walk the pavement of the stars, dance by the Los Angeles Skyline, participate in our movies themed party games and dance to the hits of the movies.

Reception Area:

The Reception area will compromise a mock façade of Los Angeles Skyscrapers and a pavement of the stars. In front of these will be an actress in the guise of Marilyn Monroe. A concealed sound system will play movie tunes during the drinks reception.

The guests are greeted by our Paparazzi Photographers as they walk down the red carpet. Famous Movie stars are on hand to sign autographs and pose for pictures as the atmosphere builds for what will be a memorable evening for all.

Main Dining Area:

In the main dining area, each table will be dressed with black and gold balloon bouquets and black linen table cloths. Around the room we display a series of life sized movie star cutouts and oversized clapperboards.

Main Stage:

The stage will be the principle focal point of the room. The stage will be dressed with an MGM Lion backdrop which is suspended from our Hollywood backdrop and either side will have giant Oscar statues. At either side of the stage our giant AV Screens will show famous movies and our Groucho Marx character actor will mix and mingle with the guests during dinner.


Our DJ will provide appropriately themed background music during dinner. After dinner entertainment can be provided by a top corporate band and our DJ will finish the night with all the hits from the 60’s to today.


Your Night at the Oscars can also contain an award ceremony where you can reward your staff or guests for years of service, loyalty or outstanding service to the company. We can of course mix in some fun awards, most creative sick note and best/worst company parking, to make the night memorable for all attending.