Millionaire by Midnight

This is a fantastic Indoor Event that combines fun with group interaction! The basic challenge is to earn as much Fun Money as possible by playing the Casino Tables or challenging the other participants on a series of fun Giant Games.

Each person is issued with some fun money at the beginning of the event and Champion of Millionaires is announced at the end of the Evening! The event can be run for individuals or for teams.

We have approximately 50 individual pieces of equipment for this event so there is plenty for everyone! The MC will also interact all night with the guests giving them opportunities to earn extra money with general knowledge questions and various fun challenges.

(All music is purchased through the correct channels)

A sample of our Giant Games can includes the following:

 Giant Jenga  Touchdown Challenge  Darts  Baseball Challenge
 Giant Connect 4  Crazy Golf  Roll a Coin  Golf Challenge
 Giant Twister  Giant Chess  Skittles  Test Your Strength
 Giant Snakes & Ladders  10 pin bowling  Air Hockey  Smash a Can
 Dart a Card  Giant Draughts  Pub Table Football  Blackjack
 Giant Noughts and Crosses  Roulette  Hook a Duck   Texas Hold ’em
 Slam Dunk  Penalty Shootout  Coconut Shy  Wii Zone
 Rifle Range


You can add extra activities to your Millionaire by Midnight such as Giant Scalextrics, Indoor Laser Clays, Formula 1 Simulators, etc…